About Us

Welcome to Wildflower & Grace Boutique! I am so happy that you have decided to shop with us. My boutique is inspired by my daughter, Elliana (Ellie). I am a full-time Analytical Chemist, farm wife and a mama! When I first decided to create a boutique, I solely had bows in mind. Hence our original business name, Ellie Grace Bow & Co. Since, I have vastly ventured into the field of handmade clothing, and have decided to rebrand into Wildflower & Grace Boutique. Here, I create unique, affordable and adorable handmade clothing just for you! I try to use sustainable fabrics for most of my makes! In addition to handmade clothing, I also create custom products for your babe, which include: custom shirts, custom swaddles and custom blankets! Feel free to email or private message me for an inquiry! 
Email: info@wildflowergrace.com
Facebook Business Page: Wildflower & Grace Boutique
Again, I am so happy to have you shop with us! XOXOX Ariel & Ellie